The Authentic Leadership Survey™ is designed to provide you with the insight you need to become an Authentic Leader.

The Authentic Leadership Survey

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Lead from insight rather than hindsight

Insight, or being self-aware, is vital to achieve this level of leadership mastery. 95% of people think they are self- aware, only 15% are.*

Easy to understand

The ALS cuts through all the noise and provides you with easy-to-understand statistics concerning WHAT you spend your time doing and HOW you behave doing so. It presents your view of yourself plus that of others with whom you work and ask to complete the survey.

From the anonymous to the explicit

We encourage you to ask the following to complete the survey:
From inside your organisation: Your manager, peers and colleagues, direct reports, your mentor(s)
From outside your organisation: suppliers, clients and customers, representatives of your firm’s host community (people with whom you regularly deal).

Build your development plan

Apart from your manager and/or mentor, data is aggregated into groups of respondents, e.g. direct reports, and anonymised. This encourages people to provide you with more honest ratings. You should subsequently discuss these in open, frank conversations so you can understand why you were rated as you were.

* “Working with People who aren’t self-aware”, Tasha Eurich, Harvard Business Review, October 2018

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